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    "My husband and I recently incorporated our real estate development firm and reached out to Theresa for help with our website. She was very attentive, communicative, and even recommended her own ideas when we didn't know where to go. Our website is now up and running and represents our firm beautifully. I will definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to build a website. Thanks Theresa!"
    Tynisha Vargas
    Owner & Developer | V Development Group, LLC
  • Cristian Vega
    "For the better part of a decade, Tee Le has spearheaded countless projects big & small for my endeavors. From exciting flyers, logos & menus for my sushi restaurant, to a very fun & friendly website for the street festival I host. She's even found ways to breathe beautiful design life into projects that typically present little if any aesthetic quality, like resume's & certificates of achievement. In my experience, there is no mission she can not master & there is no artist I trust more with creative control. I look forward to riding these good tides with her for years to come."
    Cristian Vega
    Owner | Screaming Tuna
  • "I've had the pleasure of working with Tee for about 4 years at Screaming Tuna. There she has shown amazing work ethic, dedication and the importance of attention to detail all while maintaining wonderful customer service. Tee is considerate and compassionate with an easygoing, upbeat personality. As an artist Tee Le is one of my favs, I've seen her design work at Screaming Tuna along with other projects she's shown me in the past, all of which are very advanced and her awesome personal style comes forward."
    Leah Grabowski
    Human Resources, New Resources Consulting
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    "Theresa has worked as a designer for my organization (Smart Choice MRI) for the past year. We've been really impressed by her creativity while adhering to strong brand look. She's demonstrated to us her skill with simple projects like mailers and forms to more advanced items like coded emails."
    Nathalie Freysinger
    Sales and Marketing Associate Manager, Smart Choice MRI
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    "Theresa's designs are a reflection of her: authentic, uniquely creative and inspired. Her process of working to understand my vision and integrate it in a harmonious way into an original piece was fun and thought-filled. I was overjoyed to work with her and, even more so, with the result. "
    Karissa Vega
    Therapist & Life Coach | Balance & Wellness, LLC
  • "Theresa created stellar designs over the course of several years for Peace Learning Center of Milwaukee. She donated her time for our non-profit's event posters, announcements and other materials, and we greatly enjoyed working with her. Theresa is professional, understands our mission, and works hard to get details right. Her designs are unique, spirited and effective. I highly recommend her work!"
    Ariane Strombom
    Counsel at Northwestern Mutual
  • "Theresa Le is a talented designer and is great to work with. Not only is she an amazing designer, but she has wonderful ideas with an eye for detail. Theresa is very innovative and is always looking for new solutions and fresh ideas. I gave Theresa a lot of room for creativity during her projects, and she exceeded my expectations and goals. Theresa is a fun person to work with, and is always helpful and insightful. Theresa is a passionate designer and will be an asset to any company."
    Sarah Teegarden Sweeney
    International Education & Study Abroad Coordinator
  • "It’s rare that you come across an intern with such professionalism and knowledge like Theresa. I hired Theresa for our graphic design internship position in 2015. She completed numerous time-sensitive projects using her extensive knowledge in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Theresa’s ability to work on her own and problem solve helped us cut down a 24-page report to a four-page, cost-effective, executive summary. Theresa would be an asset to any team."
    Melissa Hanon
    Brand Manager | United Way
  • "Theresa is what some may call 'a unicorn' - someone that brings incredible human-centered design skills and a deep understanding of software development to the table. Combined with her entrepreneurial experience and contagious energy, Theresa is an unstoppable force of creativity and innovative problem-solving."
    Joe Poeschl
    The Commons
  • Dane Gagnon
    "Theresa has a great sense of design, work ethic and capability. I’ve seen her skills shine in many different areas, from web, to photo editing, to ideation. When faced with a task that may be outside of her wheelhouse, Theresa seeks out resources and best practices to get the job done, and done well. I’ve thrown her projects that I wasn’t even sure the best way to execute and she exceeded my expectations. She’s also great at working autonomously and with little direction. Her creative intuition and problem-solving nature makes her a definite asset, and a joy to work with."
    Dane Gagnon
    Art Director | Aquent Studios